Assessor Programme

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This skills programme provides the learner with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to design, develop and conduct outcomes-based assessments.Click Here To View The Outline

5 reviews for Assessor Programme

  1. jmerwe

    This is my review

  2. cchino

    very well presented

  3. Hettie

    Very well presented. Easy to understand. Great self study course. Thanks Pro-Active

  4. Mohlakoana (verified owner)

    well presented, and understandable

  5. MarlouSchalkwyk (verified owner)

    Well-presented, complete and informative. Grammatical errors in some of the quiz questions result in erroneous answers on the learner’s side that should actually be marked correct. For example the question: “______ ensures that assessors who assess a particular unit standard or qualification are using consistent judgements when judging the performance of learners.” The word “ensures” imply that the answer should be singular (moderators ensure, but a moderator, or moderation ensures), but the “correct” answer is “Moderators”. This results in the actual correct answer being marked as incorrect, and the learner having to redo the whole quiz, which becomes frustrating. Please review the grammar, or alternatively add the correct answers.

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